Monday, 8 July 2013

Thank You, Mystery Visitor From Colchester

To the person who came to this blog after searching for ‘Stan Madeley’ via Google, can I just say ‘thank you’… I don’t know who you are or why you looked for my nom de plume but it always delights me when people are interested in the man I played every day for about two years.

My mind creates all kinds of imaginary scenarios as to why ‘Stan Madeley’ has just come into somebody’s life and why he came back into mine. Did you discover the book of the ‘UK’s Top Richard Madeley lookalike’ in some second-hand bookshop and wondered if you can get your 50p back? Did you receive one of Stan’s recent letters and you wonder if it’s safe to reply? (It is. The worst thing I’d ever do it write back or send you a pair of new socks). Or perhaps you’re looking for a different ‘Stan Madeley’ and found my Stan Madeley by accident, in which case, I have to withdraw my offer of free socks.

Whatever the truth, that one search cheered me up on a blistering hot and difficult day, which I’ll soon be writing about in glorious detail complete with a photograph of the shed I’ve just built…

Yes. That’s right. I spent my day building a shed.

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