Wednesday, 3 July 2013

It's A Sparks Show: Episode 6

Here's the latest Sparks comic strip. I'm hard at work on Episode 7 so look out for that in the next few days, plus I'm also planning a special three pager in which I intend to improve my drawing of Russell Mael!


  1. Russel - you get a bit closer every time.

    Nora - perfect.

  2. Laughing for the first time in days at that comment. Yes, Nora is spot on and based on a breed of northern working class women I know so well from the Tesco queues.

    As for Russell, I'm getting closer, I think. The new strip I've tried to create a standard caricature which I can repeat but it's proving difficult. I'm fascinated by caricature and have yet to figure out how it works. How we can sometimes capture a likeness with three strokes of the pen and yet when we draw identical three strokes the likeness has gone.

    Anyway, I've drawn about seven caricatures in the next strip of different people so my inability to draw Russell well will pale compared to my inability to draw other well known faces.