Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A New Michael Gove Cartoon


Too much? Maybe it is but Gove rubs me up the wrong way. The notion that pupils should be in school more goes against everything I think about education. There is a need for progressive reform but there's nothing progressive about what Gove proposes. I could write a thousand words on this but I'm tired, it's nearly 3am and I'm sitting here waiting to finish installing Windows 7 on a laptop. It's taken me about ten hours today to clear Windows 8 from this damn machine, some of which I used drawing as various things installed, rebooted, and generally took their time. I despise Windows 8 but I have discovered that the one thing worse than keeping Windows 8 on your PC is trying to bloody delete it from your PC... However, I think it's done. I prey it's done. God help me if it isn't...

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