Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Two Bogies in a Storm

Tonight, as I sit under this Red Alert issued by the Met Office, I've been watching 'Treasure of the Sierre Madre', which I'm pretty certain is my favourite film of all time. I'm a big John Huston fan and I don't think he made anything better than this, though he made some quite a few classics including 'The Man Who Would Be King' which is another of my favourites. What makes the Sierre Madre so special is possibly the performance of Walter Huston which keeps the film together as Bogart slowly unravels over the course of the two hours. I suppose I watch it as an adventure film but really I love it as an allegory about greed, corruption, and the psychological damage caused by both. The novel by B Traven is great too if you can find a copy. (Ah! I checked on Amazon and you can and what's more, seem to have changed their website. It now contains a 3D image of the book and it opens when you hover over it!)

The weather feels a bit like it's John Huston incarnate. I've been hunkered down from the storm that's been rolling up the pavements and folding all the trees in half, I also drew this doodle of Bogart. Rare that I actually draw something like this but when I do, for some reason, I always seem to find myself drawing Bogart. I drew a Bogart picture a couple of years ago. I remembered it being in one of my sketchbooks so I went back to compare them. I'm not sure if it's possible to deduct anything from these since they were both drawn as distractions. Perhaps I've improved, perhaps I'm not getting any better, perhaps I've gone backwards. I don't know. I pretty such I prefer the new Bogey (top) over the old (bottom) but I figure I've still got a long way to go.








  1. Both are Bogart but the top one is definitely better. You've improved.

    I haven't. I'm way out of practice. It's many years since I did the 'Nightmare on Elm Street' spoof poster for an agricultural college party - a sheep with a hat and two spikes on its hoof.

    'The Man who Would Be King' was a great film. I saw the (My name is) Michael Caine and (Oh Oh Sheven) Sean Connery version.

  2. Oh yes, the wizard that used to do the 'Beanz Meanz Heinz' ads - I spoofed that nicely with a Beanz Meanz Fartz poster.

    Never made a single bean from cartooning though. So I stopped.