Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Finest Thing

If you read my blog regularly (allow me to enjoy that small fantasy), you'll know that there are many things that annoy me about the internet and about culture in general. I'm a hardened cynic in most things. Yet, occasionally, the internet can offer up a genuine surprise and you see something that just gives you a little lift and makes you believe that there might just be some small hope for our species. This video is, I think, is an example of one of those those little lifts. You could argue it's an easy thing to do. You could say it felt a tiny bit orchestrated and that it was questionable if he he could have found a more suitable 'victim'. But, damn it, I had real tears in my eyes after watching it.


  1. "If you read my blog regularly..." Still here (even if I may not fulfill anyone's fantasy)!

  2. (Danged italics!)

    Though there definitely could be more random acts of kindness, I suspect those few that do occur are little reported as good news is no news.

  3. True (and I class reading my blog as one such act of kindness).

    Yet, I don't know. Perhaps you're right and this video just plucked my particular heartstrings and I do recognize there was an ulterior motive. It wasn't so much his act of kindness that struck me but what I imagined was the little old lady's backstory. I'm a sucker for all underdogs in life, which is why I get so angry about government's treatment of them. The world is full of bullies and I like to see good things happen to people who aren't the shaved headed wagon driving louts. That said, she could of course be a modern day Ma Baker...