Sunday, 9 February 2014


Posting this two minutes to midnight, just in time to save the day and say that I blogged. I didn’t post earlier, though I had big ambitions this morning. I wrote 1000 words and I thought they were good words, so I sent them elsewhere. Crazy optimism strikes again! The result was the usual silence but it made me feel better about myself. My new proactive attitude won’t last too long. They never do. At some point, I’ll just fall back into my chair and give a world weary gasp, as if to say: I’ve tried enough and I can’t try any more.

The manuscript of the book is almost ready to send away to an agent. I’ve spent the day refreshing a few of the earlier illustrations in the book, to give it (and them) as much chance to impress. Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve sent this particular book beyond my circle of friends. I expect silence will follow. It usually does but keeping trying is half the battle I face.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably post the piece I’d written for today but sent away to be ignored by those clever sophisticated city folk in that there London. Perhaps I’ll also write something new but I don’t hold much hope. The work I spent last week doing came back needing alterations. Unfortunately, the kind of alterations that are being demanded will require the entire project to be done again. I feel dispirited, as usual, primarily because the whole mess is not of my making. I followed other people’s instructions when I should have followed my instincts. Tomorrow I hope to follow my instincts and get the whole thing done in a day.

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