Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Square Root of -1

Christ, I think I just have luck so complex and bad that it can only be expressed as the square root of a negative number.

I woke up this morning about 7am with an idea rattling around in my head. It was a really good but obvious idea but the best ideas usually are the most obvious. So, with the room in darkness, I felt around for my Note, which is never far from me, and I jotted down the idea before the screen burned itself onto my still dim retina.

Later on when I was awake the idea still looked good on the screen, so after I’d finished my other work and dispatched the resulting corporate video to remote regions, I got stuck into the task of writing eight hundred words. By about two o’clock, I thought I had something very readable and which made a few good and occasionally funny points. It was precisely the kind of thing I’d like to read, though that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Now, the obvious part of my good idea wasn’t just the subject. It was also the idea I’d had about sending my article to a place where it might be more readily accepted than other places I’ve been sending my work and where I’ve been ignored a dozen times in row despite their website asking for content, saying how interested they are in different points of view, and wanting to encourage new contributors...  So I sent it to this new address and within ten seconds I had a reply

The reply said that their office is closed for almost the entire month of February.

In the words of Sparks: ‘Balls!’

I see that The Independent has finally printed a cartoon yesterday of Eric Pickles as a flood defence. I drew mine last week so I suppose it was only time before somebody else came up with the gag. ‘Balls!’ is all I can exclaim a second time and now the melody is stuck in my head, I guess I’ll have to listen to the album. I wouldn't mind but this is the second time in seven days when I've drawn a cartoon which had exactly the same gag as a cartoon that appeared in a national broadsheet some days later. I should perhaps take that as a positive or as evidence that the universe is essentially malicious and likes to torture its victims slowly .

Positives of the day: the hits are still coming in from Egypt where Richard Madeley has found new popularity. I wish I could search Facebook to see who posted the link but among the many things that Facebook does badly is the ability to search its content. I guess it will have to remain a riddle, as difficult to solve as the one involving the lack of positive emails arriving in my inbox.


  1. Wouldn't be surprised if the editors send your cartoons to their friends, who then steal the idea. This is more or less how these people work.

  2. Ah, I can't believe that, though at the same time, I never like to doubt your wisdom. We'll see tomorrow when I send off another cartoon. If one appears the same within the week, we'll know the answer.