Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Modern King


Yesterday I spent the entire day making a video as part of my ongoing commitments to the real world. At the moment, hope doesn’t spring in my life. It trickles… It is ball breaking work and I’ll be spending today doing the same, trying to make a sequence of still images look half presentable in an eight minute video without resorting to every video transition in the book. It means cutting the images to music and finessing the whole thing. It also means I’ve not had chance to write anything new in 48 hours and, when I’m in a mood to write, not writing makes me mean tempered and irritable. I have things I want to write. Last night, I dreamt I was letter writing again and it was fun. That’s what I’d like to do today: write some insane letters and send them off. Instead, I’m contenting myself with posting this ogre of a caricature, drawn before I fell asleep last night. I haven't got the knack of using colour. I don't like using colour but I think everybody has to use colour these days. I just wish I had more time and energy to invest into it. Instead, I’m now going to turn off my brain. This mean tempered monkey needs to get back to video editing.

[Updated version. I originally titled this King Canute but realising that the ancient spelling is actually Cnut, I thought it more fitting for its subject.]

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