Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Cartoon About European Politics

Merkel Osborne


You have to admire Merkel, hobbling around for days before she'd realised she'd fractured her pelvis. I wonder how long Osborne will wander around before he remembers that he hit his head those many years ago.

Still, six solid days of blogging and my New Year resolution holds. I will, of course, eventually run out of steam or I’ll have a day involving punctures, animal slurry, and a gypsy curse which makes it impossible to blog and then there will be a long gap as I seek psychiatric help about my inability to blog. However, for the moment, I’m celebrating nearly a week of being back to webface and my cartoon ideas are slowly returning. Tonight I might draw Michael Bay running off stage at the Samsung event at the CES in Los Vegas ([drool] where they launched their 12 inch Samsung Note Pro [/drool]) but perhaps it will be a picture about Boris and ringfencing. My immediate job is to render out a video I promised somebody a week ago and then I want to finish something I wrote yesterday that needs to be posted today. That’s my big ambition for the day: two blog posts inside 24 hours. It’s been done before but I never thought I’d manage to do it again.

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