Thursday, 23 January 2014

Maybe Not Jon Stewart


Been busy today drawing a comic strip for no known reason beyond the fact that I had an idea for a strip that seemed too good not to draw. It’s good to find myself having ideas again, the positive effect of the SAD lamp (and yes, this is the third blog post of my day... Too much? I think so too).

Last night, I sat down in front of The Daily Show and couldn’t think of a person I should draw and this caricature the result. I’m incapable of telling if it looks like Jon Stewart, so let’s say it isn’t Jon Stewart, unless, of course, you think it does look like Jon Stewart, in which case: mission accomplished and the drinks are on me. This plan I had to draw a face a day is beginning to wear. I might not let it carry on past a month if like today I feel a wearying onus to post something. However, it’s a useful exercise so perhaps one worth doing simply because it is, in some ways, tiring. I hurt my knee a few years ago and after months of it not getting better, I swore to myself that I’d stop favouring my stronger knee. Now both knees feel equally strong. I think the same way about drawing. Practise the things you hate, the things you find difficult. It’s the place where you should, in theory, see the most improvements.

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