Sunday, 26 January 2014

Writing Again

I should never drink Pepsi after 8pm. Or perhaps I should always drink Pepsi after 8pm. Last night I drank Pepsi and at 3am this morning, I was furiously hammering away at this keyboard, possessed by the Word God as I put the finishing polish on 1500 words I can’t possibly post here but, hopefully, might appear elsewhere. It was written on behalf of a friend whose experiences make for an intriguing story of life in modern Britain. I suppose it’s my first real journalistic assignment, though if it does appear, my involvement won’t be obvious or even known. The problem is, of course, that I won’t ever be paid for those four hours of work but isn’t that just one of the many joys of being a writer!?


It also meant that I drew nothing last night, or at least, earlier in the evening, I drew only this quick doodle for a project I'm slowly working on between every other job. I suppose it counts if my purpose is to post whatever caricature drawing I do each day.

The coming week promises to be a freakshow of hellish proportions and I’ll be surprised if I’m in any sane state of mind by next Saturday. Despite that, I’m making another new resolution based on a promise I made in response to a comment by Nathan deGargoyle. I intend to write more blog posts. I know why I stopped writing long pieces and that was simply because I felt a waste of energy. It isn’t, I know, but I just wish the effort actually produced some real world results such as little quality food on the table. The answer to that particular riddle is obviously to write better, write more, and send more things away. So I’ll make that my third resolution of the New Year just gone and I’ll start tomorrow, providing the coming week leaves me any hours to think or affords me any sanity.

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