Thursday, 30 January 2014

Blog Outage

You might have noticed that my blog went down. Ironically, it came just three days after I'd recommended my webhost to a friend. ‘Oh, they never have any problems. My blog is usually available 24/7,’ I'd said as hubris sat on my shoulder fingering his genitals whilst hatching his devious plot to unhinge my sanity.

And it’s true. In terms of stability and my sanity, my host does a pretty good job. They’re not the fastest webhost in the world and I figure that I’d be in trouble at the first sniff of serious web traffic. However, for my purposes, they’ve served me well for a good number of years.

Or they did right until the moment at lunchtime when the website went critical. I’d slaved for hours last night on today’s cartoon and not ten minutes after I’d published it, the site went down, leaving just an error message on my screen. It was a strange error message, the kind of error message I might have written years ago whilst setting up this website and not having the time to create something more imaginative. My immediate thought wasn’t: I need to act to get my website back! It was: I need to update that error message with something funnier than that!

If you saw my error message, I can only apologise that it wasn’t entertaining enough. I’m going to look into this problem and see if I can’t do something more entertaining the next time my web server experiences a blip. Hopefully, a full service will resume tomorrow and I’ll save the long thing I’d written for today until then. I’ve already wasted last night's long cartooning session on today's barely-seen cartoon. I’ll save myself from the utter misery of also wasting a good session of writing.

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