Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Jeremy Clarkson Cartoon

JeremyClarksonDrawn late last night, day 13 of my New Year Resolution to draw a cariacture day. This one was inspired by this story over at The Guardian. As I said over there, what never fails to astonish me as both a cyclist and a pedestrian is how drivers seem desperate to shave fractions of a second off their journey time by bullying us off the road, despite the fact that they’re bound to get to wherever they’re going far quicker than we are. Around here, drivers are so desperate to save themselves time, they take advantage of Sundays by driving all the way up to the front door of the shops in our local pedestrianized high street, the large empty free-to-park market area (less than 15 seconds walk away) clearly being too remote. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s something about giving individuals the controls of a car that makes them unreasonable and power hungry.


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