Friday, 3 January 2014

January 2nd: Susanna Reid

Day two of my New Year resolution to draw a face a night, so here’s yesterday's hastily drawn caricature. I know very little about Susanna Reid except that she has apparently started to flash her knickers on Breakfast television. Sounds like good stuff and a damn sight better than most of the rubbish they show on the BBC. It reminds me of the great Les Dawson who would also flashed his knickers on the BBC, so I posed Susanna as Cissie from those great sketches Dawson did with Roy Barraclough.

I’d normally wax long and lyrical about this, explain why Dawson was funny and why today’s comedians wouldn’t be content with a flash of knicker. However, today I’m building a website. I would have said ‘design’ but the design duties seem to have taken from me and I’m working in the role of the trained gibbon who simply presses the buttons and makes things happen. Needless to say that I hate this work.



  1. You captured her vacant look perfectly - but I have only ever seen her in the Telegraph.

  2. Which, of course, begs the question: was she flashing her knickers in The Telegraph?