Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Love or Hate? I Can't Decide

I woke up in the night humming this song and I couldn't stop humming it.

I can't decide if I really love the song and video or absolutely detest it. I know I like the female singer, Yo-Landi Visser, with that strong South African accent. She has real presence with her quirky hair and facial expressions, which perhaps explains why she's got a significant role in 'Chappie', the new film my Neill Blomkamp. Yet there's much about this I dislike. I can't stand him (also in the Blomkamp film) and the overall sense of fetid depravity and/or deprivation he embodies. I don't like the way the video uses strange people to embody the 'freaky'. I noticed last night that in two days, they'll be playing in Manchester. Much as I love this (I think), I'll have to give that gig a miss. I suspect their fans would frighten me even more than this video which, I guarantee, the majority of you will hate.

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