Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Three Strange Ones For Tuesday

In the words of the immortal Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko: I'm busy, busy, busy!

Yesterday I made the final push for the summit. The app is nearly ready to launch. It will go live today or (if hit any problems) tomorrow at the latest. The website is built but not yet proofread. I've recorded a video to show the software in action and the software is itself now coded, debugged, and packaged. Yesterday I added a system for registration numbers. Today I need to buy a plugin for the website which should hopefully automate the system so that anybody purchasing my app will get a registration number emailed to them so they can unlock the full functionality of the software.

Today's cartoons are strange trio. I drew them last night for reasons that will become apparent once I've launched the new website. If my Clay Elephant Shooting cartoon of yesterday was odd, then I think these three are odder. My favourite is the hairy handguns for reasons too long and complication to go into here.


  1. The deformed three legged giraffe is dead pure brilliant.

  2. I really liked that one too. Really throwaway stuff but I wonder if I shouldn't be sending that kind of cartoon off instead of my more mainstream jokes.