Saturday, 3 January 2015

Spam and Website Crashes

Both this site and my inbox are currently getting hammered by spam. It's got to the point where I've stopped even checking my email when I hear it ping into my inbox. I hope for real human contact and all I find is this (right) by the yard. It's depressing. The site is also suffering from these 'attacks', crashing repeatedly. So, if you see an error message, please bear with me and keep coming back. The problem of running my own server is that I have to figure these problems out and without a great deal of experience in Linux, it's a bloody nightmare. I wish I could get blocked by China, since the majority of this crap is coming from there. It's getting to the point where I wonder if the internet can even survive. There are people seriously interested in bringing it to its knees and I have more interesting things to do than spending my days keeping on top of every security update just to keep this blog active.


  1. Scum of the Earth!

    My site (and many other SMF sites) are overwhelmed with 'new membership' applications at the moment... All bots of course....


  2. I feel for you. Hate hate hate trying to stop myself getting overwhelmed with this stuff. They destroy everything and aim to destroy everything. I have email accounts which are just places I have to scorch and burn everything because there are literally thousands upon thousands of unread emails. And like you say: all bots. It's why blogging is so depressing. I don't know how much traffic is real. Wish I could just ban every IP address coming out of the far east. All my worst spam comes from China and Taiwan.