Monday, 12 January 2015


So, I'm in a lovely mood; a real triumph of circumstance and self-determination. The Les Paul guitar is still sitting downstairs, a brooding presence in the hallway. It's filled me with all kind of jealousy and self-loathing, and I feel like dumping it over the fence and seeing where fortune takes it. I'm just back for biking across town, doing favours for people and now I'm trying to build a website for a company in Nigeria and I'm doing so on Nigerian wages. Yet any complaint I might have only results in people telling me that I've made these life choices myself. Yet if only it were that easy. I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been blogging seriously for months now and my only rewards this morning are hits from people looking for 'ronaldinho having sex with his girlfriend' and one email from a reader.

I opened the email because I live for such emails. I can also tell the difference between SPAM and real reader emails and this was definitely going to be a real reader email from a guy called Andy.

Turns out his name is Andy Wu.
Dear sir or madam,

PowerfulSky Injection Molding service gives design engineers a fast and affordable way to get real injection molded parts in prototype or low-volume quantities.

Plastic injection molding is the mian facility we offer our clients.

Components for a wide range of industrial and consumer products can be manufactured on site using machines rated from 60 tons to 250 tons.

Contact me, let's talk details.

I hate Andy Wu. I really do. Andy Wu can make his spam look like real communication and he uses high level business power speak! 'Let's talk details'! He is probably the kind of go-getter who is making this world such an ugly place. I can imagine him: tribally tattooed, muscled, big car, a Les Paul waiting for him when he gets home after a busy day spamming websites. This is the problem with capitalism allowed to run amok. The old virtues of taste, politeness, and moderation have become victims of the new virtues: excess, arrogance, rudeness, and over consumption. I should look for a job in marketing. Nothing else seems to matter. The world be damned. It deserves to be taken over by the middle men who produce nothing, mean nothing and earn everything.

Like I say: a lovely mood. A real stinker.

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