Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Prince Andrew Revisited

Last night I redrew a gag I previous published some time ago. To be exact, it was published on the 9th March, 2011. I hadn't been cartooning for long when I first attempted to draw Prince Andrew. The context, I believe, was the publication of the now famous photograph months after Wikileaks had revealed how Andrew had insulted American business leaders by saying that 'Americans don't understand geography. Never have.'

I always liked the joke I'd written but never liked the drawing. This (below), was actually the second attempt, probably drawn well after the 9th of March.

The first attempt was so bad, that I'd revisited it to improve it.

Anyway, I've redrawn it again. My 2015 self is (hopefully) a better cartoonist. It's odd looking at the three versions and how my style has evolved. My second attempt was probably my trying to draw like the 2015 version of me but with 2011's skill set. I still don't think the 2015 version is great but I think it's getting better. Hopefully, by the time Prince Andrew gets involved in another scandal, I'll be able to revisit it again and have another crack at his absurdly hard to draw face.

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