Friday, 16 January 2015

There's never a cartoonist around when you need one...

There's never a cartoonist who has a Windows PC around when you need one. Maybe I need two.

The first and smaller of my two Windows apps is finished bar my dealing with any new bugs or bright ideas that crop up. It does everything I wanted it to plus a little more. I just need to test it and ensure that anybody downloading it can install it and get it operating with the minimum of fuss. It should work on any version of Windows. I don't believe it's fussy.

Since it's an enhanced version of the software I've been using myself when drawing cartoons, I'd like to give it to some other cartoonists to try and see if it helps them as much as it has helped me. Which brings me back to my initial point: there's never a cartoonist who has a Windows PC around when you need one. If you're a cartoonist and want a free copy of software you might find useful, feel free to contact me. I need my spirits lifting.

I didn't draw last night. I was exhausted after a very long day and, in all honestly, I couldn't be arsed like I'm not motivated to write much today. Traffic has nosedived as the SPAM into my inbox has increased. All the things I've written and drawn in the last few weeks have been viewed by so few people I've reluctantly decided to put less effort into this vanity exercise. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow but, looking at the trend on my webstats, I think I might just feel a whole lot worse...

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