Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Does anybody know the weight of the average duck?

I need to know but my duck research hasn't gone well.


  1. Nathan deGargoyle20 May 2015 at 13:12


    What is the average weight for a duck?

    Answer by Jusry2306 CONFIDENCE VOTES 212
    depends on the breed of duck. The average weight of a mallard is almost 3 pounds for both male and female. A muscovy male will weigh around 7 and1/2 pounds while the femal will weigh almost 4 pounds. The average weight of a Pekin duck is 8 to 11 pounds.

  2. Ha! Brilliant. I honestly had a search and couldn't find a good answer. Slaps head at how obvious is looked. I took a guess at four pounds, so I guess that sounds about right for a medium duck. Thank you! Hope you'll drop into t'other place. I sent you an email with password last night.