Monday, 18 May 2015


Last week is now a strange blur. I built the new website for 'The What and the Why' in a record time of about three days, including transferring over all the posts and comments from the old site, and getting a new server up and running. It was hard work and very long hours but all utterly pleasurable. It's strange now looking at it, since unlike any of my own websites, it's a website that actually gets traffic.

I have a zero success when it comes to traffic. I have never written a site or blog that generated much in the way of regular readers. My sister ran a news website for a few years and it had huge readership. It was back when the internet seemed new and exciting. However, she ran afoul of her own good conscience. She actually paid for every photograph she published on the site and supported it with a small subscription model. Another site stole all the photos and pretty much put her out of business.

I know my lack of success lies with me and I'm just about coming to terms with that. This week, I want to reboot myself and think more carefully about what I'm doing. A certain person has also reappeared in my life. All I'll say is that I've been writing letters...

I also want to keep drawing more cartoons for myself. So, if you find that you don't like my daily cartoons, please try to remember it's because they're drawn to my own warped tastes and not because I hope they'll ever be published in a magazine.


  1. Nathan deGargoyle18 May 2015 at 14:53

    Tim's website seems much improved since I last saw it. Give yourself a tick VG and a gold star.

    As to the blog, if you're doing this to be rich and famous don't bother. Nobody got rich and famous by doing something they hated. Rich and infamous OK, go be a banker or hedge fund manager. Someone as obviously intelligent as you should have no problem succeeding in that career, apart from keeping your conscience under control and your stomach contents contained in your stomach.

    On the other hand (and I realise that I could have written OTH and you and the rest of the webiverse would have understood that but hey, I'm ancient) if you enjoy, or need to write your thoughts for a limited cognoscenti to read and occasionally comment on just do it. Even if it's only for one old drunk Manx Neo-Cestrefeldian.

    Either way I'd like to see Classic Fables 1-16 (Laughed out loud again at 17.) Sometimes you're just funny. And that's the best compliment I could pay you.

  2. Not rich and famous or, at least, certainly not through the blog. Not each rich and famous at all, to be honest. I'd be happy if I was just reasonably employed in the area I love and occasionally people would say that they like what I attempt to do. The blog has always been meant to be for overspill from my other work. The problem is when I don't have time to do that other stuff and find too much solace in the blog.

    Anyway, as always, I appreciate the feedback. I was telling somebody the other day that silence is the hard part. I've always been a confidence player and things are easy when I have it, bloody difficult when I don't. 1 and 16 will definitely have to emerge now that you've requested them. ;)