Friday, 15 May 2015

Sorry sorry sorry...

Been working. Constructing a new website (not mine) so I've been burning the oil around both midnight and dawn.

I'm glad to be busy and too busy to draw or write. Pretty depressing reading the day's papers. Not much of a fan of Chuka Umanna (a bit too slick for my tastes) but Labour seem to be going into meltdown at the moment. This isn't helped by the media who seem to enjoy the sight of the Labour Party going into meltdown. What I find shocking, though, is the extent to which the news and political news is dominated by people wanting to stick the boot into Labour.

Since when was news media meant to attack the opposition party mercilessly and leave the government alone? I intend to write more about this in the coming days but last night's Question Time was a perfect example. Jeremy Hunt spent the entire show looking slightly smug and barely saying a word, whilst the audience attacked Nigel Farage and Tristram Hunt. Both, incidentally, acquitted themselves well and all the nonsense spoke about Farage's leadership status seems ridiculously overblown. Not a UKIP supporter by any means but, damn it, they hold quite valid political positions, which aren't breaking any laws. Seems like they have the right to express themselves just like everybody else and these attempts to shout them down only aid their cause.

Urgh. Need to get cracking. Deadlines to meet.


  1. Nathan deGargoyle15 May 2015 at 16:36

    Only watched the first 10 mins or so of QT. Thought Nige did OK defending a fairly indefensible position. Tristram was less convincing than I had seen him previously but, once again, OK but not really inspirational. Not leadership material yet.
    And Chuka has withdrawn his bid because he has just realised the level of scrutiny he and his nearest and dearest will get? So he was totally ignorant of the way the media has treated Ed (BS) M, Sam Cam, La Clegg etc? Probably better not to stand for Labour leader until you get a better grip on real life.

  2. I'd agree 100% with that. The problem (or, I see it as a plus) is that Tristram Hunt doesn't give political answers. I mean, he doesn't have those smooth prepared answers and I think he genuinely answer questions. This makes him look weaker than others but, personally, I find it more interesting.

    Agree about Chuka. None of that makes a jot of sense. Interesting to see what the coming days bring.