Friday, 22 May 2015

Dolly Mixtures

So, I was researching something I was thinking of writing and my fruitless search for information had come up with bugger all. However, I did come across the name of a band called 'Dolly Mixture', which struck me as being a particularly bad name for a band, especially one that's labeled post-punk/new wave. It's a name that's overloaded with meaning and, for me, is a bit off putting. I mean dolly mixtures were a bag of toffees you'd be bought as a child and the name evokes too many memories good, bad, but mostly sweet. They were basically an the more sugary alternative to licorice allsorts but without the promise of a good bowel movement.

And then I started to listen to the band of the same name and I began to wonder again how talent can so easily go missed and unrecognised. Somebody has posted their entire Demo Tapes on Youtube and I think they're worth a listen.

Maybe I just don't know good music but I wonder if they'd had a better name and had been American, they'd have been bigger and I'd have already heard of them. Dolly Mixture feels like a name plucked from the 1960s, when female bands had to have clever quirky names like The Liverbirds and The Debutantes. Call them the 'Razor Blades' and you'd have had a different perception of the band going into your first listening.


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