Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Baconface awful

Some vile crab-nosed critic visited this blog by searching for the phrase ‘Baconface awful’ on Google. I can’t believe they were searching for the comedian of the same name, leading me to believe that they’re thinking about my two Baconface cartoons which blatantly ripped off the comedy great’s likeness without caring a jot about the copyright implications of doing so. In which case, they might be right...

But still… ‘Baconface awful’? It doesn’t even make grammatical sense without some punctuation or extra words. A colon would have been the way I’d have gone but the simply addition of an ‘is’ would have made everything clearer. ‘Baconface awful’ is, at best, a vague gesture towards the suggestion that the comedian called Baconface needs to work on his act.

And what about ‘awful’? Does anybody except some mouth-breathing golf-club secretary use ‘awful’ these days? Shit, shite, terrible, unfunny, juvenile, lazy, boring, or a proto-reactionary manifestation of 1980s Canadian conservative policies given new life on the UK stand up circuit eager for new talent… But not awful.

Not that I agree with any part of that, anyway. The person writing ‘Baconface awful’ clearly has ‘taste awful’. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the person writing that just doesn’t understand modern stand-up comedy at all.

Which leads me to one conclusion: it was Michael McIntyre. That would make complete sense: inability to see beyond comedy’s flat middle ground, fear of a new comedian who is more ham faced…

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