Sunday, 30 June 2013

It's A Sparks Show: Episode 5

My latest Sparks strip featuring Ron and Russell Mael.


  1. Thanks. I'll need it. Probably be back on Tuesday swearing I'll never walk into the place again... :(

  2. I walked in once... and walked out without registering....

  3. I have no idea where the jobcentre is. I found the little janitor job on Local papers often have local jobs for local people too. If you don't have to travel by bus or car to get there, you can manage on much lower wages than if you have to spend the first couple of hours every day working to pay for your bus fare home!

    There are bonuses to being a janitor with a doctorate in microbiology. Everyone assumes all janitors are dim, because they assume absolutely everyone has the job most suited to their intellectual capacity. This provides endless entertainment, from responding to the snooty woman in my best Jeeves voice to pretending to be as stupid as they think I am and getting away with it.

    I haven't made it as a writer yet either, but with just enough income to cover the bills, at least I don't have to worry about it. Don't get into a small-staffed shop like I did because they are inevitably short of staff and I've been on a 7-day week for months! No writing, no model building, limited boozing. This is like a training ground for going to Hell.

    I'm on the lookout for something else but in the meantime, the small income is enough and I don't want to go back to scrabbling around on eBay to pay the bills! It's a bad time to sell on eBay anyway - people with money to spend are all going on holiday.

    Good luck, and don't rely on the job centre. They'll try to put you on one of those work-slave programs.

  4. Well, I'll see in the morning. I might do just that and take Leg-iron's advice and look online.

  5. Hell, a doctorate in microbiology has to be more use than a doctorate in literature. I know what you mean about being underestimated but, in the past, I've found that my PhD makes for a nice stick for others to beat me with. You know: coy references to people with no skills in the real world muttered by idiots with no skills in either the real or imaginary world. Not that I think I lack real work skills. I spend my days writing, editing, proofing my books, setting them up in InDesign, programming/building websites, design, technical support but I don't actually have up to date experience or qualifications.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice. It's been very helpful. I've had a look into Gumtree and it might be more promising. I've already spotted one possibility though it's a bit crazy. If it falls through, I might blog about it. It's the stuff of comedy.