Thursday, 6 June 2013

Cheap Steven Seagal Related Humour

[topswf swf='' width='500' height='530' wmode='transparent' flashvars='' allowfullscreen='false']

If your machine can't play Flash, click here for an animated GIF of the above movie, though I apologise in advance for the quality. That's why I use Flash.

The physical effort of trying to blog properly every day means that I’m forced to look for the occasional shortcut. A good article might take a day to write and I can only write those perhaps two or three days a week. Cartoons I can produce in relatively good quantities. I pencilled six last night but it will take me the rest of today to ink them and then I need to have them rejected by ‘Private Eye’ before I publish them here. That means there are days when I often have nothing to post other than top-of-the-head observations which are probably not worth reading. There not much I can observe about the top of my head other than 'balding' and 'prone to dandruff'.

One shortcut you might have noticed me using is going back to Photoshopping. My high moral ideals seem increasingly dumb given that every website uses Photoshopped images. This Steven Seagal movie was nothing more than a quick attempt to reacquaint myself with Adobe Flash. I might do more in the future if there’s a subject worth animating.

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