Monday, 17 June 2013


Monday and I’m writing this to avoid having to do paperwork. It’s the kind of soul rotting paperwork that exposes you as the utter abject failure you are. It’s the paperwork where the government want to know how successful you are. Most of the time I can (just about) live with the knowledge that I’m probably the least read and most unsuccessful writer (with a nicely developing and concurrent failure rate as a cartoonist) on the planet. But when I have to fill in boxes and put that into words… Well, it’s enough to destroy a man.

It usually takes me about two weeks to build myself up to filling in forms but this time it’s only taken me a few days. I want it behind me to press on with writing things for this blog which I’m enjoying more than I think I’ve ever enjoyed my blogging. I have things I need to draw and things I need to write. I have a post for later today that I’m quite pleased with. But standing between me and it is this paperwork.

And I hate paperwork...

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