Friday, 21 June 2013

More Baconface

[caption id="attachment_2152" align="aligncenter" width="576"]Baconface Stewart Lee Click to embiggen[/caption]

When I wrote my slightly tongue-in-cheek review of Baconface's show, I had an alternative comic strip pencilled out. I chose to finish the other three panel strip simply because it would take less time. Now I’ve sat down and inked this in, I realise it has no home. So, here it is: a comic strip without a reason.

I could, of course, make up a reason. I could, for example, recommend that if you’re one of those lucky rich bastards going to Edinburgh for this year's Fringe, then you go check out the genius of Baconface for yourself. Perhaps video his entire act and stick it on Youtube so I can see what I'm missing. He’s performing at The Stand all through August and the tickets are available to buy for the ridiculously cheap price of £5. You can’t even buy real quality bacon for that price.

While you about it, you might want to also book tickets to see Stewart Lee who is also appearing at The Stand during August but for the slightly less reasonable price of £10. However, his tickets are going quickly and a few shows are already sold out. I wouldn't recommend videoing his performance and uploading it to Youtube. He's a big man and looks like he knows how to do violence.

Of course, you’re already too late if you wanted to see Sarah Millican (also at The Stand). Although tickets to her show were priced totally unreasonably at £12, all her shows are now sold out. However, if you did want to see her, then I suggest you buy a ticket for your head doctor. Just tell him that you’ve lost your fucking mind.

You see: here is an example of what’s wrong with this country. Baconface for £5 or Sarah Millican for £12? There are some days I don't despair but they're very few.

As for me, I won’t be going to The Fringe. I’ll have to make do drawing comic strips of what I imagine The Fringe will be like.

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