Sunday, 2 November 2014

A Cartoon About Poppies

My body just gave out last night and I slept most of the evening. I'm not feeling particularly better this morning, though there's definitely a fretful edge about me as I now worry about possible bugs in the game. As I've said previously, we live in a strange age where the consumer is God and I now feel utterly obliged to fix everything and anything that might be wrong with my code.

It's a odd place to be. On the one hand, I feel like I've come to the end of a journey of many months, when every day I've had to figure out another problem or learn to do something new and often difficult. The reality is that I'm now judged by strangers with the power of clicking on a star rating which can either destroy me or build me up. Yet I also understand that there's no way of knowing the real value of that rating. In the internet age, we're used to rating things and people sometimes rate out of sheer spite or malicious intent. We're also in throwaway age, when people try and discard with equal indifference. For me, however, all of that is plumbed directly into my central nervous system and strangers now have the power to make me feel sick and faint, buzzing or glad, miserable or elated. Never look at the reviews has always been a motto I live by. With Google, you can't avoid it. It's there, visible and unavoidable, when you need to examine the bug reports for your code.

But that's for tomorrow. For me, today , I just feel so damn happy that I wrote 10,000 lines of code which made a kind of logical sense.

All of the above was rattling around in my head, last night, when I fell asleep. When I awoke I tried to relax by drawing a cartoon. Taking the encouragement of Ben as my starting point, I thought I'd try to change my style. I can't honestly say I followed any example, though I was looking at some cartoons by Bill Stott earlier in the evening and had I realised how much I enjoy lines which aren't straight. So I tried to draw this with a deliberately unsteady hand. After a couple of less successful attempts, I began to settle into a style and I drew three cartoons in rapid succession and I was surprised that I liked the results.

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