Wednesday, 26 November 2014


The problem with internet links is that unless you're really sharp, you really don't know where they'll take you. One moment you can be reading something really innocuous and then you're suddenly faced with some graphic uncensored horror. One of the worst moments I've ever had of that was when I was doing some Photoshopping and I needed a picture of an old man's hand. I went to Google Image search and typed 'old man's hand', adjusted the search parameters so I'd only get high resolution images, and before I knew what was happening, a high resolution image was filling my screen depicting in pixel sharp detail the decapitated head of a man lying in the road after some kind of terrible atrocity. I clicked off it before I could take it in but that's an image you never really forget. I can still see the look of surprise on the victim's face.

No less terrifying was the horror that awaited me tonight when I clicked on an apparently innocuous link. There I was, minding my own business when I suddenly found myself face to face with the Daily Mail website. I closed the browser as quickly as I could but it's really put me off the internet tonight. It backs up the sense I have that I've just had a very bad day with technology. Nothing has worked for me since I got up and I had such plans to post a Unity tutorial today. Now I feel like it's just not worth it. What can one man hope to achieve, writing a blog like this, which is a struggle to fill, when the Daily Mail just produce a website as long as that list some rare Buddhist monks are apparently making of all of God's names? I'm going to bed and hope to pick up from last night's dream where Scarlett Johansson had asked me to draw a cartoon on one of her body parts. I won't tell you which part except to say it rhymes with 'cream'.

Good night.

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