Saturday, 29 November 2014

Is it a scam? Part 2

Different day, different dog...

So not only is it a different dog, it's also a different mat and I'm also pretty certain that it was a different artist loitering over it with a brush in his hand. All of which begs even more questions that those that I posed yesterday.

  1. Is there a school of street artists who can only do dogs?

  2. Is this an organised street sand dog gang with multiple sand dog models?

  3. Why suddenly are our streets littered with these monstrous looking mounds of silica canine?

  4. Has any of this to do with immigration? Are sand dogs a cultural import from a place that has more sand? If so, then what do UKIP have to say about sand dogs replacing the usual piss-stained tramps with a polystyrene cup and a line in sarcastic thank yous?

  5. More importantly, if the send dog artists spend their entire day making sand dogs, how come they aren't improving? I think I'm becoming a bit of a sand dog expert and I can tell that this one isn't as good the sand dog from yesterday.

  6. Alternatively, if they're not spending the day sculpting the same dog, what the hell does the guy do with the rest of his day? I took this photo at 11am and, as you can see, the sand dog is already fully formed. I guess it's been like that for hours and (possibly) weeks and months if my theory is correct about the bloody things being rock solid. This guy will probably hang around until late afternoon. When I was watching him, he was waving his brush over the dog but not actually doing very much. You could say 'finishing touches' but I suspect these finishing touches last all day.

You might think I'm getting a little obsessed with sand dogs and you'd be right. I'm going to search for more in weeks leading up to Christmas. If I can find a cheap bag of sand, I might even make my own...


  1. Well... every dog has its day.

    Perhaps you should let sleeping dogs lie; unless you like to rub a dog the wrong way, or do you prefer to kick a dog when it is down?

    Whatever... I shall follow this one until the last dog is hung.

  2. I know I should let this one out on a long lead but I'm like a dog with a bone and I'm not going to paws until I'm dog tired. (Terrible, I know). ;)

  3. I'll donate a fiver if you...

    a) Stamp on it and take a picture

    b) Offer him a fiver to turn it into a cat and he does...


  4. LOL. Damn. Calling me out on my radical scheme which nobody in their right mind would think I'd carry out. However, I just came across this which I think is the same bloke.

    If I see him again and I'm feeling in one of my 'sod the world, I'll do anything for a dare' moods (which are surprisingly occasional), I'll see if he'll let me stick my finger up his dog's bum and, if he does, I'll donate my own £1 for the honour. ;)