Monday, 24 November 2014

Thanks Youtubers

Damn it to buggery. I accidentally clicked on the wrong button on my Youtube account and immediately swore that I'll never again publish another thing to Youtube.

I have a very precarious relationship with the world out there. I assume that everything I do will meet with scorn, ridicule, or, at best, a mild degree of kind tolerance. I sometimes feel like those drunken hobos you occasionally see dancing in city centres when it's close to Christmas. They'll usually insert themselves into some busker's act, attracting attention by doing a drunken jig. People stop and applaud and some even throw money but not because the hobo is a particularly good dancer. People take pity on the poor fool because he's precisely that. Most days I feel like that drunken fool.

Clicking on my Youtube account led me to see the sorry figures attached to the videos I've uploaded in the past. The viewing figures are often in single figures, which has led me to vow to never do another. Worse still, my last video (which, I see that Youtube had broken and now won't allow me to upload a fixed version), had a couple of down votes, despite my asking Youtube to not permit voting. Perhaps they were rabid UKIPers who hated the cartoon but I think it more likely to people who simply hate the sound of my voice as much as I hate the sound of my voice. Sod it. My voice isn't a good voice. I thought a few videos would add a bit of variety to the blog but it's clearly not worth the effort. In fact, tonight I'm wondering, as all bloggers periodically wonder, if blogging is ever worth the bloody effort.

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