Saturday, 8 November 2014

Slow Day

I've been back blogging every day for nearly three weeks. Sometimes, it feels like I'm holding a one sided conversation with Google crawlbot. I write something and within seconds, the crawlbot arrives, scurries around the post, rips out the keywords, and disappears back to Google HQ where it buries my words in the trillions they have stored there. Other than that, very little traffic passes this way. Sometimes it's hard to feel motivated.

So, today, it's been a day away from the blog and away from the web. I watched Liverpool lose to Chelsea and then I watched two episodes of Gold Rush, which remains one of my favourite shows despite my knowing it's heavily scripted and in spite of the levels of frustration I feel when I see people doing dumb things (ignoring Gene Cheeseman is always dumb).

However, my day has been largely been spent coding the game. I've added new menus and a new game mode which I think is probably the best so far. I have quite a bit more work to do before I even think about issuing a new update of the game.


  1. Don't beat yourself up about it. Unless you're sexist, homophobic, bigoted or just plain dumb, no-one is really listening. There are people who appreciate your humour and views and I suspect most of them live in the North of England. Like yourself i watched the Liverpool, Chelsea game, then I watched Blackpool get stuffed by dirty Leeds and then I watched City draw with QPR.... Then I came and checked out your latest posts and i'll probably leave after posting this comment and make some tea, that's just how it is. Keep it up, i'm listening.
    P.S. I tried to download your game, but didn't realise it's for Android devices and not Google Chrome Apps/Games so I can't give you any feedback.

  2. Ah, thanks, Mr. K. I think it was a typical post Liverpool vs Chelsea mood. I had about as many visitors yesterday as Liverpool have scored this year... Just wish they'd ditch Rodgers and get Rafa back. Rafa was my kind of guy. Rodgers just isn't. Never wanted him, never liked him, and even his success last year seemed more luck that judgement.

    I didn't even know that you could get apps for Google Chrome. I could actually compile a version that works in web browsers but without a throw mechanism to replace the touch screen, there wouldn't be much point. A shame. I'd like as many people as possible to play it.

  3. LOL. Bagatelle! I swear, that's been on my to do list for a while. I have a version in the game but it's not in a playable state and is currently hidden away from users. I assume, by the way, that you mean the old bagatelle which is a bit like pinball but without the paddles and not the variation of billiards.

    I guess my championing of Rafa was based on things other than football, though I thought we played the best football we could given our resources. Firstly, he was always attacked by the media who misrepresented him (they mocked his use of zonal marking, for example, before it became pretty standard). Secondly, he was always right about Fergie. And thirdly, he was a humble guy and I liked that. Rodgers is just not my kind of person. I enjoyed last season but it never made me a Rodgers fan.