Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Day of Shuffleboard King

Today I intend to blog more but less. A few short posts that nobody reads rather than one that nobody reads. I think it will suit my brain since today I'll be pulled in every direction, when my mind only wants to work on the game.

WScreenshot_2ednesday was a rare day which I managed to entirely devote to improving things on Shuffleboard King. I coded all day and night but, looking back, it doesn't feel like I added a great deal. It's odd but adding things that are small and user friendly can take much longer than implementing things that are big and game changing. The game runs on a loop, which means that the same code executes every fraction of a second. Adding features that don't interrupt the running of that loop are easy. Adding a dialog box to help the user means bringing everything to a halt and that can be tedious. Saying that, I added a shot counter message, which works well and was a good suggestion by a player.

I've also added a few other features that people have been suggested and, late on, I started work on a new game mode, which proves my point about the differences of big and small since I got it working about 2AM. My intention now is to have features which are enabled on a version of the game which people can buy for a paltry sum. There'll be no micro transitions or in-app purchases. Just an old fashioned choice on the Play Store of either playing the free version or pay a little and getting a lot more.

Having said all that, after yesterday's hard work, I've also broken a different part of the game than I was working on. How it happened, I have no idea since these things are mean to be isolated from each other. However, it has happened and I'll probably spend the entire day figuring out why.


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