Monday, 3 November 2014

And It's Goodnight From Me...

It's 3AM and I'm about finished for the night. It's been a long day.

The game should be back on the Play Store and I'm hoping that tomorrow will see fewer dramatic bugs.

I'm still not sure what caused the physics glitches except there appears to be a difference in how screen touches are handled between Android devices. I increased the sensitivity of the throws and that allowed the pucks to fly at the maximum speed. However, this caused a very rare situation to occur on the Dutch Shuffleboard, in which the pucks could bounce back towards the front of the board. I'd written code that caught them and destroyed them (putting them 'out of play', as the rules of Sjoelen dictate). However, the code had a loophole I hadn't spotted and it allowed some of the pucks bounce back, escape the board, and cause all manner of hell with the game logic, which didn't expect pucks to be rattling around the floor.

But this is the nature of computer programming. One small change (the sensitivity control) caused a bigger bug to reveal itself. And this is why I never believe any leader who announces that new computer systems will improve the NHS or any branch of the government. The complexity of computer systems increases enormously the bigger they get.

In addition, I fixed about nine or ten smaller things. Or I hope I fixed them. I'll be playing the game tomorrow and hunting out more bugs. I'm sure there are plenty.

If anybody reads this blog and has an Android device, please give the game a try. Perhaps drop me a line to say it seems stable because now I'm now going to bed and I know I'll be dreaming of pucks flying out of the screen, causing all kinds of havoc as they break noses and glasses, chip tooth enamel, go flying out the window, damaging cars, nuns, and policemen...


  1. Aaarrrgh! Puck in my eye!!!

    You have a compo claim coming your way fellah....

  2. It is a billion times better!

    Seems much more responsive...

    Just scored 1040837559 on Dutch!

    So far, have run on two tablets...

    1) Rostrum colours are still reversed
    2) Have you moved the score line a bit? It now obscures the overhead view so you can't see the 'gates' on Dutch or all of the '1' zone in shuffleboard
    3) On my second tablet (the Window N101 II) I don't get the adverts at the top - which is great but probably of no use to you.

    I'll try the Motorola phone next.


  3. Damn! Lost my profits already. The one penny is yours if we can settle this out of court.

  4. Thanks Barman. Your words brighten my morning.

    I'll really look at the rostrum problem today. Thought I'd fixed it last night (I get the right flags in the correct positions).

    Yes, had to move the view in Dutch Shuffle. More important than seeing the gates for Sjoelen, is seeing how many pucks are in the boxes. You need to evenly distribute them across all the boxes to get maximum scores because for every set of pucks in each box (1 in 1, 1 in 2, 1 in 3, and 1 in 4) you score 20 points, with 148 being a maximum (or, online score, 148000000+ being possible, with the zeros replaced by a number that represents the time it took you). Previously, you could see the gate but the ads didn't show you which boxes you needed to concentrate your throws.

    Bet that second tablet doesn't have internet. If you disable internet, you lose the ads (they can't be served) but you can't post scores online or unlock achievements. I might consider adding some fake ads to fill in the space should I get around to producing a paid version, free of ads, and extra games.

  5. I've been using just red and blue pucks...


    If I select the red puck and change it to a Union Flag then Desperate Dan or whoever (the computer opponent) gets the Union Flag and I get a plain RED puck to play with.

    Then when I win (again) the Union Flag is in tears and the BLUE puck is on the podium...


  6. Hmmm... I'll test it to destruction today. I might even ditch the podium. It doesn't look great (more of a case of my experimenting with animated meshes) and I might do something better.

  7. LOL. Getting better. The knack is that spread over the boxes.

    I've not looked but are these scores getting posted to the online leaderboard? If so, you must be near or at the top.

  8. Ah! It feels like I need to rack some scores up to see how I can do. That's a score of 142, which is only 6 short of the highest score possible. Pretty good going. I take it that the pucks are flying fine for you now. ;)