Thursday, 27 November 2014

Low Fertility

I've not given much thought to my fertility or, certainly, not enough thought that I feel like I have any need for some tips. That's why I was a bit surprised to see a pile of emails in my blog email account this morning from However, at the top of the mail is a big 'UNSUBCRIBE' link and I don't know whether I should now click on it. Would that actually unsubscribe me from something to which I never subscribed or will it simply tell the spammers that this is an active email account and to send me even more fertility tips?

SpikeOther than that, it's a Thursday. A really grey Thursday. I have a cartoon I'm not ready to post (my pen broke before I could finish it) and a 'Beginner's Guide to Unity' video that I'm not sure I can be bothered to post after realising, earlier in the week, how few people actually watch my videos and the fact that two people had downvoted my last. In fact, I'm feeling pretty grim about everything at the moment and even the lamp isn't cutting through the murk. It's partly the problem of having a big blog spike. Sunday was the biggest day I've had on the blog since 2011 and it was the biggest day simply because of one of the worst post's I'd ever written. I was about to head out on Sunday when I thought I'd just fire off a quick post about the Liverpool result. About three minutes on the keyboard, half a minute to post, and I was gone. When I arrived at my destination, about fifteen minutes later, I checked my stats only to discover that there were well over 1000 hits on that one post and it carried getting hits for the rest of the day.

There's a lesson in that but it's not an uplifting lesson. It says write quantity over quality, aim for the masses, and don't expect anybody to come back. Don't waste time with cartoons. Don't make videos. Just post rants about football and your blog will be successful.

I can't handle the modern world. I don't want to SPAM people with Black Friday offers or fertility tips. All I've wanted is a blog with a regular readership, a good number of friendly comments and the occasional to and fro of debate, and some moderate success as a cartoonist and writer. I've got none of those things after nine years of blogging. It's a really grey Thursday, I've broken the pen to my Samsung Note, and my superglue has dried up. And it that's not a metaphor for my fertility, then I don't know what is. Perhaps I am in need of a few tips after all.


  1. In the words of a wise man, "the world is fucked so fuck em all to hell" or to put it another way, "dont let the bastards grind you down".

  2. Don't give up. I enjoy your slightly askew view on life, the universe and everything.

  3. Thank you GringoTim, Rodent. Not giving up but I have these periodic lulls when I've worked extremely hard at something and I begin to wonder if I'm actually getting anywhere. I think the problem stems from living in a small working class town, with zero culture and very little evidence of people who enjoy culture. Emphasizes how much I sometimes feel like I'm out of time and out of place. Wish I had a personality that could be more out there, seeking like minded people for advice and support. Hmm... This could turn into an analysis session so I better shut up. ;)