Monday, 2 February 2015

A Gag Machine Update

It's only been a week or so but I'm already delighted with people's response to The Gag Machine. It's also been great/surprising/motivating to hear back from real users. Google's engine has now kicked in and hits are steady and slowly growing. Actually having sales also means that I can now justify the time to update The Gag Machine with new features.

That's the reason why the first big update has just gone live and I think it's my favourite since I started. I'd originally conceived 'The Gag Machine' as a small tool to use beside other software. However, when a user emailed to suggest that I make it full screen, I realised that it would give me chance to really expand its functionality. This new update introduces an optional full screen mode which has really pleased me with how it's turned out. I might be the coder behind this project but primarily I'm its chief user and I'm excited with anything that helps me come up with more ideas for my cartoons or stories. Before I extend the functionality even more, my next job will be to come up with more 'gag packs'. The key behind this project is definitely the data. I've already discovered that the more selective the data, the better and more consistent the results.

Anyway, to mark this new update, I've made a shorter introduction video covering the basic functions of The Gag Machine.

Of course, if you've downloaded an earlier version (or are one of the enlightened people who have so kindly supported me by buying it), then please download the latest version and give it a try. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome. If you think this could be software for you but it's missing some key component, then please email me your suggestions. I'm looking to make this useful to anybody who wants to use it.

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