Friday, 13 February 2015

The Lulu Conundrum

So, I'm sitting here looking at my website visitor statistics when this pops up.



Somebody out there is asking the most interesting questions. I never knew that Richard Madeley didn't like Lulu. I tried to ignore it but then I began to wonder myself why Richard Madeley doesn't like Lulu. What possibly reason could he have for disliking her? I didn't want to search for it but I found that I must. And that's when I found this:



There, indeed, it states that Richard Madeley doesn't like 60s pop sensation Lulu. I never knew...

Unfortunately, I wrote that myself and I've become victim of my own hoax, which proves, yet again, that the Internet really is a small place and it's very easy to find yourself looping back to pick up the scent of your own weird obsessions.


  1. Its called early onset alzheimers, you will have us believe that you ghost wrote 50 shades o.......

  2. What an upbeat note on which to end the day, though I should really ban that comment for mentioning that bloody film! Everywhere I've looked today, I've seen people talking about it...

  3. Britain's 'snigger snigger' attitude to sex I am afraid. which reminds, I had better release the wife from those cuffs I boughtin the joke shop yesterday.