Monday, 2 February 2015

The Joke Machine Perhaps

Worked on a cartoon last night but fell asleep before I could finish it. It means that I'm a bit light on material to post today and I've a dozen things to do so I haven't time to write a long essay on the newly discovered Michelangelo bronzes or 50 Shades of Grey or Stephen Fry and God or any of the things currently in the news. Shortly I'll have to nip out to Tesco to see if my nemesis is on the till. Before then, I have code to write.

Over the weekend, The Gag Machine underwent a little update. Unlike a lot of software which is written by people who don't use it for people who need it, The Gag Machine is written by the person who needs it and offered to people who might want it. It's why I'm happy to leave it as a quiet backwater of the internet. I've not yet mastered it enough myself that I'd want *every* cartoonist buying it and using it. The key seems to be finding the magic number of words to combine in an idea. It can work with up to seven fields but two seems to be the best for quick ideas when I'm really tired. Early in the day, three and four can work really well.

I'm just finishing the new update which has added a full screen function, which means I have more screen real estate to deal with and extra functions to write. I'm eager to spend some time using it this afternoon but an American friend suggests I change the name since he thought gag had something to do with strangulation. I have to rethink websites and logos. The Joke machine might have been a better title but I don't know if I can be bothered changing it now. Not when I have so much to do and one pair of hands is about four hands too few.

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