Saturday, 21 February 2015


Well, that's it! The scale of my incompetence is astonishing. Tim Marshall has been blogging for three days and he is already boasting of 3,500 page views for just five blog posts. I've been blogging 10 years, with 1414 posts here alone (countless thousands more on my other blogs) and my page views are a depressingly small fraction of that.

Is that the simple power of celebrity, I wonder? Beginner's luck? Or simply that he's writing about things that interest people whilst I write about things that interest almost only me?

All I know is that it is another reminder to find pleasure in something other than the numbers and a small degree of relief in knowing that no matter how disgusting I make my next cartoon, no bugger will be looking at it. Ha! The very depths of cartoon depravity here I come!

Meanwhile, do check out Tim Marshall's website. It is good and deserves the visitors. Just wish he wouldn't bloody boast about it, though...

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