Friday, 13 February 2015


Friday has come around so quickly. I've spent the majority of the past week trying not to succumb to the heavy cold that started last Friday. Thankfully, yesterday seemed to the point at which it turned and I began to feel in the mood for chewing stones. It probably accounts for yesterday's long rattling post which has been read/viewed/glanced over, so far, by about three people. Time and time again I wonder: why do I bother?

I know why I bother. I enjoy writing, which is why I'm so saddened by the terrible new that David Carr, the New York Times journalist, has died. Like many people, I became a fan of Carr after watching the sublime documentary, 'Page One: Inside the New York Times'. What attracted me to Carr was that he was genuinely acerbic, a quality that I think is disappearing from our media. His wasn't the kind of facile nastiness that passes for character these days. He wasn't of the 'shock jock' style of reporter. His was a bile drawn from life's experiences and conveyed the same authenticity and anger which was so evident in his writing. Seeing the headline announcing his death over at The Guardian, I groaned audibly. So rare that I do that. It's a really sad day for journalism.

It's strange how I find myself become more invested and interested in proper journalism. My week has slowly become more informed by the better type of journalist, many of whom I actively seek out to read or watch. Perhaps it's simply because we're approaching a general election that my political antenna are twitching. Last night I drew cartoons whilst watching Question Time, The Week in Politics, and The Daily Show. It's my favourite night's viewing but it saddens me that is comes around only once a week.

It's strange how little original TV I watch. The last week's 'new' TV amounted to:

Real Time With Bill Maher
The Daily Show
Michael Cockerell's 'Inside the Commons' (so so good)
Question Time
The Week in Politics

Beyond those shows, I watch repeats of things I've seen before. I need to find myself a source of documentaries or start to read more good books. I draw too much. Write too much. Absorb too little.

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