Friday, 6 February 2015

Cough, Cough, Splutter...

Damn, my luck never changes. Today I'm feeling properly rotten! Sore throat, shivery, weak, aching... I guess I've come down with a cold, which is too quick for it to be from the hospital yesterday so was obviously a surprise gift from the woman who sneezed over me at the Post Office two days ago. I had something better than this almost written for today but I'm not in a fit state to finish it. Instead, here's a cartoon I drew last night and for which I can't think of a better caption. Mark this one down as a cartoon that doesn't quite work...

Yesterday was strange. My experience of the NHS is that when you expect them to do something, they do nothing. When you expect them to do nothing, they do something. We expected nothing but my sister's appointment lasted nearly half an hour. Turns out that after waiting six months for test results, we now have to wait again. The local GP had botched two samples six months ago and one hadn't arrived at the labs and the other was in the wrong container. So, we now have to start again. The positive was that we actually had a sympathetic consultant who gave a fairly broad indication of what the problem might be. Of course, with the NHS there is now a high chance that when we go to the next appointment, we won't see the same doctor and the whole thing will have to start from scratch.

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Okay. I need hot lemon and chicken soup. Did I mention that I feel rotten?

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