Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Despicable Things

Nearly knocked off my bike today. A guy in a black Fiat came flying around a blind corner which had been reduced to one lane due to parking. It meant he was in my lane and because he hadn't waited to see if there was traffic, he drove straight at me. There was a horrifying moment when I could see that I was in his blind spot. The pillar at the edge of his windscreen was obliterating his face so I knew it was also obscuring me. Not that he seemed to care. When he did see me, he didn't slow down. By that point, I've swerved to the edge of the road, my wheel had hit the edge of paving, and I'd gone flying across the verge whilst screaming obscenities. Didn't catch the number plate. Black car. Fat guy in his thirties. Despicable type.


Had a peculiar SPAM comment tonight. The English was broken and the link to their website clearly meant to get people to visit a lousy shop but the message was just insulting. Not sure what to make of it. It was almost a real comment in its abrasive quality but not the kind of comment right minded bloggers would want to publish. A sad part of blogging is having to wade through the hundreds of SPAM comments falsely praising you. Having to wade through comments that just tell you that you and your work are  worthless is something I'm not sure I want to get used to. Despicable business.


Unlocking my bike outside the local Tesco today, I heard two female voices behind me.

Female one: 'Oh, so was it your boyfriend?'

Female two: 'No, it was one of my exes.'

You might think there's nothing unusual in that and I thought exactly the same thing. Then I turned around and found myself looking at two schoolgirls who weren't much older than twelve. Twelve years old and she's already talking about her exes. Despicable world.


What was shocking about Isis incinerating the Jordanian pilot was that it wasn't so shocking. There are few forms of human barbarism that weren't described in our most sacred texts. Despicable people. Despicable evil.


Drawn a Valentines card to send to somebody as a joke. Now contemplating using it to send Valentines cards to a few other places. Not sure what I'd get from that except a sense of amusement. Not sure who to send them to. When the Tories were last in opposition, I once sent the entire Shadow cabinet Valentines cards (about 12 cards, I think), though I also signed them and gave them a return address. I believe only one replied (Caroline Spelman) which, I think, says everything you need to know about politicians. Despicable manners.


Finally worked out how to put a donate button on this blog. I might do it tomorrow. I have quite a few tutorials on here which have proved popular and which some visitors have told me helped them and saved them quite a few quid. Perhaps they'll show a little generosity and help me in return. Nothing ventured nothing gained and times are extremely tough. Last chance saloon and all that. Despicable desperation.

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