Thursday, 26 February 2015

Taking a break from Linux hell

First of all: if you've written to me in the past few months and I've not replied, then I'm really sorry. I discovered yesterday that my email server was plain not working. It was a lottery if emails were getting through.

Things should now be better or they will be better if I can conquer Linux (again).

It's not that I hate Linux. If I had the time, I'd probably love learning its intricacies. However, I don't have the time and my method of working is often to search the internet for solutions and then try them out. I guess it's my approach to most things. I think it's the best way of learning. Work in small steps. Things sink in but in a way that's organic and natural. It's not like reading a 1000 page manual and thinking you understand it. Figure things out from the inside. Best way to learn.

Anyway, so far I have this blog back, but with a few things 'under the hood' to fix. The archive will be next (i.e. the old Spine website) and then I'll work on the other websites I've hosted here in the past. The FTP server is proving a pain to configure but, hopefully, once that's done, then the rest should be less 'brain work' and simple typing, clicking and dragging.

This new server is a bit different to the last. Firstly, I've upgraded it, doubling the memory since it's now doing more. I realised yesterday that things hadn't been working right for weeks. I was using a simple email service which forwarded all emails to various addresses to a single account. However, this meant that Yahoo and Google thought it was a server spamming their email servers. They have a *very* low tolerance, it seems, for small servers running email. I needed a proper email server installed on the machine, so that's what I've done along with a few other things including, for the first time, a proper control panel. I've also enabled backups just in case all of this goes horribly wrong again in the future.

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