Thursday, 5 February 2015

Computer Puzzle: Expert Help Needed

So here's a question for which I can't find an obvious answer.

I keep getting hits on the blog from Beijing, China. The IP address is around the area of The hits happen at all times of the day, sometimes minutes but often hours apart. They look at individual pages, sometimes once or sometimes two or three times. Sometimes they've made multiple visits.

None of that is interesting. However, when I posted my blog post about my Tim Marshall letter this afternoon, I got a hit on the page immediately. That is also uninteresting until I tell you the puzzling part. I got the hit before I'd even made the page public.


How did somebody in China look at a page I hadn't yet made public and I'd only that minute titled? The only answer I can come up with is that the hit has something to do with my machine. Yet if that's the case, what on my machine is communicating with Beijing, China? I've uninstalled all plugins from my browser thinking they might be routing something through China. I've also run a full virus scan on my PC and come up with nothing. I've now changed my blog password yet the Chinese hits are still coming in. They're don't seem to be linked to my browsing habits but, if not, what's with China? Have they hacked the blog? The network? My internet provider? How the hell did they get access to a page that wasn't public and which only I could know about?

Answers, please, on a postcard, in the comments, or via email, for the attention of 'Seriously Paranoid cc The Chinese Secret Police'.

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